Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc. 

About E.O.R.N.

Our organization was founded out of anger and frustration of its' Founder/CEO James E. Whitfield, being consistently turned down by employers fearful of hiring a bank robber. ​

Mr. Whitfield, himself personally goes out and speaks with employers about taking a chance with hiring an ex-offender. And, have developed meaningful relationships with these employers. E.O.R.N., has helped t change the lives of thousands over the years. And, we can help you, too. Recently, we have partnered with a Nationwide home ownership program" to address the housing issue for ex-offenders. The map below is our coverage areas Around the World.  

Prison Reentry in the 21st Century.

To prepare the disenfranchised groups, i.e., the poor, underpriviliged and ex-offenders with 21st century work skills, so essential to braking the cycle of recidivism in our urban and rural communities.
It is no secret that the actions of Today's Youth and Adults help to fuel the multi-billion dollar prison industry. And, in recent times some strides have been made towards prison reform, with the passage and signing of the First Step Act of 2018. However, this has little to no effect for those "outside of a prison setting" and the nearly 1 Million men and women released each year from Adult State and Federal Prisons. The 2007 Passage of the Second Chance Act, while it was signed into law by Former U.S. President George W. Bush, has not been applied as was intended.

Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization structured with "firsthand knowledge" of both State and Federal prison systems.  As well as the slippery slope that those whom are released find themselves teetering on the verge of becoming a recidivist statistic. We understand that the "Power to turn one's life around rests with the individual", neither prison, nor the threat of prison - can reach these men and women faster than one whom has "actually walked in their shoes".  In spite of the $200 Billion Dollars annually to "fill beds" inside Our Nations prisons, we can help transform the lives of men and women, as we have done Worldwide for these past six (6) years. 

"Let us show YOU how to transform YOUR LIFE" - TODAY!!!
Midwest Complex
Knoxville, Iowa - Former VA Complex, 155 Acres, 575,000 Square Feet.
Southern Complex
Colonial Terrace Apartments - Public Hosuing Complex. 128 Units mixed 1,2,& 3 Bedroom Apartments, in Macon, Georgia 
East Coast Complex
Properties E.O.R.N., sought to tackle the Homelessness problem with some dedicated investors. Iowa, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.
Former VA Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania situated on a total of 246 Acres, with 755,000 Square Feet with numerous multi-storied buildings. 
Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., and its Founder/CEO - James E Whitfield, made serious strides to acquire the properties and others to further its humanitarian reach for the benefit of helping others. 

Mr. Whitfield, met with some affluent men and women, who share his vision, and discussed his plan for an E.O.R.N. Complex for the 755,000 Square Foot property situated on 246 Acres of land, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a total of 39 Buildings scattered across the grounds. (pictured Lower Right).

To the Support we received from Allegheny County Officials - and Ms. Georgia Nordmann, and Pittsburgh Commercial Construction. Thank you. Property would have been donated to E.O.R.N., Inc. 

Our investor partners shall remain nameless, but I can say that their collective pledges amounted to approximately $10 Million Dollars to assist ex-offenders, and the chronic homeless populations throughout the United States. 

The next property, situated in Knoxville, Iowa,  a vast 575,000 Square Foot Property situated on 155 Acres with 19 Buildings. (Pictured Top Right). Property would have been donated to E.O.R.N., Inc. 

The third housing property was a Community Housing Complex with 128 Units consisting of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments and "Cash Purchase Price" was offered above the asking price. E.O.R.N., Inc., never received a reply or counter-offer.

Mr. Whitfield, and this investment group also looked at Properties in Newport News, VA., Harvey, IL., Indianapolis, IN., Duluth, MN., West St. Paul, MN, Hawthorne, CA., just to mention a few.

Had we been successful in our acquisitions we could have provided housing for approximately 10,000 individuals, and resources for thousands more in the respective communities. 

James E. Whitfield
Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., and Our Turn Social Media Network, Inc., are collaborative partners to address the core issues pertaining to men and women from marginalized groups.

Employment, Housing Options, and Educational Programming. We have attached the Registration/Login page below. www.ourturnsocialmedia.com
A personal invitation to attend the Forbes Speakers Bureau  Symposium and Workshop, at Forbes Headquarters in New York City, New York.
Nomination for inclusion into Marquis Who's Who in America, 2018.